One-Day Aesthetics and Neurotoxin Training Course

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Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.

The Aesthetic Learning Academy

2019 Program Dates:

March 9, 2019

June 8, 2019

October 19, 2019 

Hands-On Certification Available

Educational support by:

International Society of Aesthetic Medical Professionals

Botox Training and Certification for Medical/Dental and Allied Health Professionals

(One-Day Aesthetics and Neurotoxin Training Course)

  Course Objectives:

     • Beauty, Balance, and Aesthetics of the Face

     • Universal Standard of Beauty- Beauty and The Golden Ratio

     • 4 Keys to Creating Facial Beauty

     • In-depth essential facial anatomy for Neurotoxin injections

               •Learn anatomical muscle sites and depths, and dosing for best outcomes

     • Neurotoxin Reconstitution Guidelines

     • In-depth dosing specifications for upper and lower facial injections

     • Indications and Contraindications for Pharmaceutical Agents

     •Review of Safety, Sterile Technique, and Risk Issues as it relates to the use of Injectable Pharmacologic Agents

               •Knowledge of adverse reactions, how to avoid these reactions, and management and treatment of possible complications

     •Learn injection techniques for therapeutic treatments for bruxism to alleviate symptoms of TMJ Disease, Preserve Dental Restorations and correct a “Gummy Smile”

     •Integrate Botulinum Toxin into both therapeutic and aesthetic treatment plans

     •Hands-on training will ensure the best facial and dental aesthetic and therapeutic outcomes

     •Experience hands-on practice with reconstitution and identifying anatomy

     •Comprehensive demonstration on a live patient model

     •Observe multiple model patients throughout hands-on training that vary in age

     •Watch your colleagues inject real people and witness the doctor-patient interaction

     •Hands-on training will teach you how to diagnose and plan treatment, along with the proper dosing and delivery of Botulinum Toxin

     •Experience one-on-one extensive instruction from Dr. Shatkin and our PA’s while injecting on your live patient model

     •Various consent forms and blank treatment records will be provided as a guide for your office’s consent/record forms so that you may begin treating patients

     •Keys to marketing Neurotoxin in your office and pricing guidelines for injections

     •Certificate of Course Completion

     •Video Content of didactic lectures to review before and after course as needed 

     •Certificate of Hands-On participation (optional component)

     •CE Credit 

1 Day Certification:

Full Day Botox Course! Grow your business in a dental spa, or aesthetic medicine. Learn: marking and injection techniques, keys to marketing Botox and fillers in your office, learn to maximize the smile using injectables, hands-on training, and live patients! Pricing: $995. with Hands-On Training $1495. 


1/2 Day Course:

Preserving Dental Restorations With Botox:  This course focuses on the use of Botox in dentistry and displays the benefit of creating a dental spa. The course will use videos and lectures to show the significance of treating the dental patient with aesthetic medicine. Learn how to grow you business and create an excellent patient experience. 

On Location Training:

Full day Botox or Dermal Fillers Course: Group training minimum 20 attendees. Inquire for a customized program: : (855) 237-5553 

Join us for one of our 2019 course dates:




March 9th, 2019


June 8th, 2019


October 19th, 2019




Full Day Comprehensive Course on Botulinum Toxin for Aesthetic & Therapeutic Treatments


Full coverage of Safety, Anatomy,  Selection, and Treatment


Demonstrations and Hands-On Certification!


$995 for live didactic course + materials + educational videos


$1,495 for live didactic course + materials + educational videos AND hands-on training with certification 


ISAMPro, MDICA, and IAMDI members get $200 discount


Course Registration includes 1-year membership in ISAMPro ($400 savings)




2019 Course Dates:





June 8, 2019


October 19, 2019 







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